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Sample pano

A wide choice of strictly self-made panos can be admired as JPEGs (some can be displayed in a Helmut Dersch's JavaViewer to get the right pano feeling...).

(available are Weststrasse, Zürich, Construction at Escher-Wyss Areal, Nice Switzerland, Heimat, Germany, Toscany, Toscany II, Bretagne, Belgien, Ireland, Dalmatia, Budapest, Extremadura & Andalucía, Sicilia, Malta, Greece, Mediterranean, Istanbul, Norway, Sweden, St. Petersburg, Eypt, Syria, Jordan, Marokko, Namibia, South Africa, New York & New England, US Southwest, British Columbia, Alberta and Southeastern Alaska, Mexico, Singapore, Cities in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and various panos)

I have written a small perl-based program pto2ptmac which transforms Hugin project files (.pto) to PTMac project files. This allows to use autopano-sift (automatically creates accurate control points, including for fisheye images), which happens to produce a Hugin project file. A archive contains all necessary files as well as a "Read Me" document.


a pair of 3D glasses are needed to view the pictures (or red/cyan)

Stereo sampleThere are 3D pictures of the Dalbade and the Capitole , two of Toulouse's sights. From the stereoscopic as well as the historical point of view the former is more interesting. It has more of a foreground which makes it more 3D and shows the tower of the Dalbade church which today is somewhat beheaded after the tower had collapsed early 20th century. The Capitole has barely changed after the cars have been banned from the Place de la Capitole.

A self-made image of my desk gives you something like a close-up...

... or a view from the Empire State Building in New York towards the Hudson River or from Vancouver's The Lookout! (fisheye / 28 mm) to SW the opposite.


man below clockInspired by Alphons Fakler a group of 10 people (including me) have started a photography project on Zürich's Hauptbahnhof (German for main station) which resulted in a bunch of pictures, a book and an vernissage/ exhibition in early 1998 at Technopark.
The picture on the left is one of my four picture contributions to the booklet "Bahnhof" for which I was held responsible. The book can be downloaded (pdf-file, 4.3 MB) though it needs a reasonable connection...

Another photographic challenge was the solar eclipse in August 1999. Small, bright and even moving: not an easy task. In Baden-Baden, clouds where my natural filter (partial eclipse at 12h 22) and luck our compagnion (undisturbed total eclipse at 12h 32).


CCS spotWho has not had a glimpse on my video on the Centre for Chemical Sensors (link goes to CCS site which features a streaming QuickTime Movie, length 3:33, 6.51 MB) made on occasion of the Discovery 2000 at Technopark, shall no longer hesitate. It was made with the professional help of Linda Catania, recorded with a Sony Digital Video Camera, fire-wired to a PowerMac G3 and cut with Adobe Premiere 5.1. Text was written and narrated by Tomas Nezel, Michael Linhoff and Tomas Nezel "composed" the soundtrack.


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