Panos from Singapore


We visited Singapore during a two-day stopover on our 6-week trip to New Zealand and Fiji in December 2004. Even though it does not have Hongkong's setting or Shanghai's rich architectural heritage, it is very easy to visit (Singapore Airline's stopover packages are a great deal) and definitely worthwile to do so.

Cavenagh Bridge

File size 93 kB. Choose JPEG or Java Viewer. The serene atmoshpere of the lower reaches of the Singapore River with the magnificently lit (Christmas drew close) Fullteron Hotel and modern high rises, taken from Cavenagh Bridge which dates back to 1868.

Dunlop Street, Little India

File size 98 kB. Choose JPEG or Java Viewer. Dunlop Street was orginally a sparsely populated area outside Singapore with European bungalows. The area was built over in the 1920-1930s with Singapore's (previously) typical shopfront houses. Today it is part of what is being marketed as Little India (if you look around you know why), a charming neighborhood for a sightseeing stroll.


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