Panos from New York and New England

New York and New England

A "New York in spring" cultural trip from JTC Theater Club in Zürich inspired us for a trip in March/May 2005 which eventually encompassed 8 days of New York and a couple of days in southern New England, i.e. Connecticut, Rhode Island and southeastern Massachussets.

Old Ferry Slip, Brooklyn

File size 140 kB. Only JPEG. A rather scenic view from the Fulton Ferry Historic District in Brooklyn towards Manhattan, framed by the mighty Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

View from 27th floor of the Hilton Times Square northwards

File size 132 kB. Only JPEG. Our conventiently located Hilton Times Square - which came with our booked "core travel package" - accounted for almost a third of our total travel costs. Name it expensive. Nevertheless, the view from our room had its charm...

Guggenheim Museum, New York

File size 42 kB. Choose JPEG or Java Viewer. The Guggenheim Museum was a lot smaller than I had imagined from pictures. But it's not only size which matters! The splendid "Kunst am Bau" from Daniel Buren - here the colored glass in the museum's main attrium - was quite literally a highlight.

Downtown New York from Empire State Building

File size 157 kB. Only JPEG. No visit to New York without getting on top of the Empire State Building! After 45' we finally made it to the top and were well rewarded, here the view towards Downtown New York...

Mid/Uptown New York from Empire State Building

File size 178 kB. Only JPEG. ... and its counterpart, the view towards Midtown/Uptown New York.

North Street, Lichfield CT

File size 191 kB. Only JPEG. Lichfield, one of the most important settlements in late 18th century-Connecticut, is a rather tranquil spot today. North Street boasts a pan(o)opticum of the town's nicest houses, virtually all dating from 1760 to 1860. The day before when I toured the street on my own it was pouring, which pretty much ruined my health for the remainder of our trip.

Village Green, Lichfield CT

File size 119 kB. Only JPEG. The Village Green is the center of Lichfield where North/South/West and East Street meet. You'll find the usual mix of excellent restaurants and shops for those who match the color of their gardening gloves with their lipsticks.

The Breakers, Newport RI

File size 134 kB. Only JPEG. The Breakers, built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II, is one of the grandest of Newport's mansions. Think of it as an oversized weekend cottage, to be run with a staff of more than 40 for may be 4 to 6 weeks throughout the year.

The Breakers, Newport RI

File size 74 kB. Only JPEG. You see my fascination for this 1890's mansion... We visited it together with Rosecliff and The Elms in one afternoon, to the great astonishment of our B&B host.

Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard, MA

File size 103 kB. Only JPEG. Vineyard Haven with its beach (not that you are supposed to actually swim here) and the ferry landing to the right is a lively small town throughout the year. We arrived completely out of season which stripped of us of any worries to overpay a non-existing accomodation or reserving months ahead for bringing the car (which we didn't have to, thanks to the island's bus network). Hispanics and blacks brushing up more than nice houses for the season were the norm, especially in Edgartown.


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