Panos from Greece


The wedding of two friends of us in Athenes in late July 2001 gave us the pretexte to visit once again Greece. We definitely would have preferred to travel out-of-season: cheaper and less people...

Athens, View from Akropolis
View from Akropolis
Image size JPEG file 99 kB.

on the Akropolis
File size 60 kB. Choose JPEG or Java Viewer. I don't know what Athens would do tourist-wise without the Akropolis...

Image size JPEG file 88 kB. The nicest Greek town I've seen so far. The picture has been taken from the rooftop of the Hotel Omiros. You've got to imagine the heat and wind.

View from our terrace at Hotel Omiros, Ermoupolis
Image size JPEG file 54 kB. A well-restored classicistic town house from the last century, the Hotel Omiros is loaded with charm (see the room from inside). This pano is one of those I-sit-here-and-make-a-pano-panos which give you a headache when you try to assemble them.

Image size JPEG file 63 kB. The windmill to the right is the one that you see on all Mykonos postcards.

File size 76 kB. Choose JPEG or Java Viewer. Delos is one of the rare places where you can imagine on what a larger ancient city - now gone - might have looked like.


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