China panos

Panoramic pictures from China

The pictures were taken during our last trip to mainland China in October/November 1999. Macau still is very much Portuguese on the picture. There's not much I have to tell about the Bund, Shanghai's past and very likely a symbol for its future. Qingdao has its famous beer, but this is definitely not the most charming thing in town. Changchun might not be very exciting as a town itself, nevertheless I spent close to two months there.

Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong)
Victoria Harbour
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Hong Kong Island by night
Hong Kong
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View from Monte Fort in Macau
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The Bund in Shanghai
Bund in Shanghai
File size 73 kB. Choose JPEG or Java Viewer. Even though I have never been to New York I can now imagine what it must be like. The architectural legacy and the contrast to the rest of mainland China is plainly stunning.

View over Qingdao
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View from the rooftop of the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry
File size as JPEG image 65kB. That's where I spent 2 months of my Ph.D.


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