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If you always wanted to get engaged in Amnesty International, this is your chance! There are several local Amnesty groups of which I happened to be the regional coordinator - now in good hands at the Regionalzentrum Zürich - and humble webmaster. Local means Zürich of course. Another decent way of really achieving something in human rights are Urgent Actions - have a look how to help people in dire needs across the globe.

If you like small rooms which make you sweat, if you've never been satisfied with your B&W prints or color slides from your photo drive-up and if you always mark the check-box "Wollen Sie Mitglied werden rsp. bleiben bei sos-eth?", then the photo laboratories of sos-eth are for you. Conveniently located at Universitätsstr. 19 with reservation by internet (conceived & born as a "beach" project when I started working in 2001), it has never been that easy and cheap to make your own prints. See you there...

In Effi (so nennt man Effretikon) gibt's die Jungliberalen (die sich NICHT in Jungfreisinnige umbenannt haben), kuz JLIE. Politisch nicht mehr mein Fall war's trotzdem ein spassige Zeit mit Vögi, Stiefel, Tobias und Dominique.

You do appreciate good movies, a veces no importa si es en una idioma que no conoces, you're well aware that simply because some movies are old, they are not bad? You want a social, cosy, affordable place and not a major popcorn dumping site which is deserted once the film is over? That's what Xenix is all about, get there (Kanzleiareal, Helvetiaplatz) and enjoy cinema.

My cousin rents out a cosy holiday home in Carme/Sabran in southern France, la Maison D'Ora. Very nice indeed...

Adelheid Soubry, une copine belge de mon année à Toulouse, avait inaugauré un site officiel de la famille ERASMUS. Qui fut suivi par le plus ample site de Loïc. Allez-voir les images de nos réunions du réveillon, même qu'on ne me verra pas souvent là-dessus, par exemple celle de Haltern ou de Boxtel. Le revéillon 2001/01 c'était mon tour à Winterthur... Regardez les images (tous les ERASMUS sont des accros des images)!

FilesYes, there is an alternative to Excel: Igor Pro from WaveMetrics for both Macintosh and Windows. Don't use it if you're only doing spreadsheets, but it's great for working with spectra etc.. You have much better control over graphical output with a fraction of the RAM used and postscript errors generated by Excel. Of course I'd be happier if there was something of a more general alternative to Microsoft.

I guess there are few men who will not have had the occasional glimpse for female beauty on the internet. The French lingerie manufacturer Aubade has posted its truly inspiring advertising campaign images of all its "leçons" which has already put me at great risk when strolling French streets. One of my favourites is "Leçon no 31 Lui révéler un secret".

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